Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I'll take One Alpha Please!

Ok, I friggin did it. I ordered an Eigenharp Alpha...and only days after the announcement. I'm not usually a sucker for a slick marketing campaign and PR blitz. I think what happened here was a lot of pent up frustration with midi and keyboards and other controllers and a vision of what could be suddenly became a physical object of desire, put on preorder at a lofty price, finished in fine wood and metal. Days after said act, I am not repentant in the least. In fact I am feeling better and better about it. Granted I really don't think this is for everyone. Early adopters are a strange lot. If the shit hits the fan, I can hack and program my way into something useable for me. I have a decent understanding of the technical approach they are taking, the limitations and risks. Basically, I'm starting an eigenharp weblog right now. I am very optimistic at this point that this instrument is truly not just unique but fairly revolutionary. I cheer these guys on as it is surely not an easy task or a small one. I especially applaud the fact that they have released something like the Alpha that is also a fine work of craftmanship. While the price is expensive, so is a fine guitar. I don't expect that this will be the only price points for these instruments, but I do think it worthwhile and telling that they produce and instrument that is designed to last decades, like a Gibson Les Paul or a Strat or Tele from the 60's. That's a truly bold statement that I have to respect.


  1. I'm anxious to hear what someone outside Eigenlabs can do with this. I'm tempted as well.

    I don't think these devices will last the decades they hope. Modern electronic soldering techniques are suseptible to a nasty phenominon called "tin whiskers". Its more prevailent now due to material changes aimed to reduce hazardous materials.

  2. I've heard about that. Nasty problem. Hopefully we find a solution because it affects everything electronic.

  3. And the address of your Eigenharp blog is...?