Thursday, April 30, 2009

Collide into me

Made a new video with the new v1.1 SevenUp. For the first time I played with the vocoder in Live 8. The carrier for the vocoder is the lush pad line that is playing but you don't hear it since it is sidechained into the vocoder. The voice itself is me singing some short phrases. The melodizer triggers each voice part at a different pitch using Sampler. Different samples are mapped to different melodizer notes for variety.

Collide into me from bar|none on Vimeo.
The new SevenUp v1.1 has been released. It was definitely time for a video demo as the new looper and loop recorders in 7up have some pretty deep possibilities. Here is the first in hopefully a series of video demos on 7up.

SevenUpLive v1.1 Looping Tutorial #1 from bar|none on Vimeo.

Friday, April 10, 2009

I remember vividly in high-school getting my early generation Sony Walkman. Yeah I know I am dating myself. It was a marvel and expensive and desirable. Cassette tapes on the go! Well I also remember the tape I listened to over and over again on that thing when I first got it. It was The Who - Who's Next and my favorite track was Baba O'Riley. The sound on those headphones was incredible and the synth part and the start was a marvel. Despite trying to duplicate it later at various times with certain tools, I never could. Now fast forward 2009 and I get my first Modular and what happens, this track just opens up to me and becomes clear because I am using a tool with the same limitations as what Pete used. The limitation is that it's a mono-synth with certain note priority, so when you play a base pattern, then play notes over that between the base notes, you get the signature interference pattern. Add to that, some real analog oscillators and filters and envelopes and voila!

Now all the sequencing including drums, drum fills, bass, piano and the synth lines are done using SevenUpLive on the Monome. They are all laid down in one pass with no edits as I like to do. It's not a complete track but an experiment in conjuring the past.